Why would you rather prefer beeswax food wrap to plastic film?

Introduced in the 1950s, plastic film has quickly conquered homes around the world. But does it only have advantages? Why should beeswax food wrap, these new environmentally friendly food packaging products, replace your plastic film? A short guide for beginners in beewraps.

1 - Beeswax food wrap, a sustainable food storage

beeswax food wrap

The first principle of beeswax food wrap is to be part of a zero-waste approach, by minimizing packaging thrown in the garbage, especially plastic. Bee wrap is an eco-friendly food packaging that contains 0% plastic. It is an all-natural packaging. Made from GOTS labeled organic cotton, beeswax, sunflower oil, and pin resin. It doesn’t require the use of chemical processes or hidden plastics.

Bee wrap 1 – plastic film 0

2 - An eco-friendly food wrap, yes... and reusable!

Using a beeswax food wrap is already a step forward compared to using plastic film. Bee wrap has the advantage of being reusable. Washable with cold water, it can be reused up to about 100 times. You kill two birds with one stone: you reduce the volume of waste in the bin while you save money.

Did you also know that the beeswax food wraps manufactured by us are coated according to a very precise formulation to guarantee the best efficiency? Buying a Bee Wrap rather than making it yourself saves time and allows you to keep it longer.

beeswax food wrap

3 - The only easy-to-use food wrap

We have all known the plastic film that sticks to itself but does not stick to the dish. With the beeswax food wrap, covering your food and dishes is like a child game. Simply crumple it 3 times, place the waxed wrap on your dish or food and press it for a few seconds with your hands. Your food is well preserved!

In addition, beeswax food wrap is very practical because it can adapt to everything: a piece of cheese, an opened cucumber or a gratin dish will all be well packaged. All your food will be well-protected thanks to this sustainable and adaptable food packaging, which is available in several sizes.

4 - Bee wrap, sustainable and beautiful food storage

What if putting color and pretty patterns in our fridges and kitchens would brighten up our everyday life? In any case, you are safe to choose bee wraps with modern and colorful patterns rather than a transparent foil. Your lunchbox covered with your favorite beeswax food wrap will make your colleagues envious and your children will find it much more fun to handle!

Playful, bee wrap is also useful when it comes to making it easier to distinguish foods in the fridge.

5 - Better protect your food with sustainable food storage

To protect your food, bee wraps are specially formulated to get the right balance between beeswax, sunflower oil, and pin resin. Furthermore, beeswax has antibacterial properties that preserve your food better than a simple piece of cotton. Beeswax food wrap is a new generation of food storage. Ready to use, simple and efficient, it meets all the criteria to be easily adopted by the whole family. No unnecessary ingredient, no addictive. A healthy and sustainable product against the plastic film. It’s a total KO for plastic.

Bee wrap 5 – plastic film 0

how to use beeswax wraps

Take action and try the Bee Wrap Made in France 🇫🇷


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