FAQ laundry detergent

Welcome on our official Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of our detergent. We answer all the questions you ask us mots often 😉 

  1. Take a one-liter container (to be found in your closets, an old glass juice bottle will be perfect). Pour 50 g of our washing powder (it’s the equivalent of our 50 g sachet or our doser cup filled to the top or weight with a scale).
  2. Add 1 L of hot water. The hotter is the water, the faster you will get the final preparation. But, boiling water might put the bottle under pressure. Find the perfect balance. Be careful, don’t fill all the way to the top 😉 There is a risk of foam overflow. 
  3. Shake for 30 seconds. Little break to calm the foam dance. Then, start again for 20 sec, until you have a very homogeneous preparation. Feel free to open et close your cap if necessary during the operation. And there you have it, mission accomplished !   
    If you want, you can add inside, 10 drops of essential oil of your choice (we love real lavander -vive la Provence- and grapefruit for a touch of pep.

It’s totally no 😉

Our powder is not made to be used as is it. It’s a base to prepare your final liquid detergent. Don’t put our washing powder directly into your washing machine.

Once your detergent is ready to use, it’s up to dose it 😉 

  • For small or lightly soiled laundry, pour 80 mL into your washing machine. Concretely, it is the equivalent of 1 dose with our super dosing cup or 1 cup of coffee or 7 tablespoons. 
  • For large or heavily soiled laundry, pour 160 mL into your washing machine. It is the equivalent of 2 dose of our super dosing cup or 2 coffee cup or 14 tablespoons. 
  • In case of terrible stains ? Apply a little Marseille soap on it before washing or find out all our grandmother’s tips super efficient here.

We advise you not to sniff the washing powder when you open the pack 😉 You risk sneezing. The raw powder smells strong. No panic, once it is transformed in washing liquid ready-to-use, you’ll only smell the authentic good smell of Marseille soap. We have not added any additional perfume. On the other hand, if you want to add a few fragrant notes, you can absolutely add 10 drops of essential oil (why not lavender or grapefruit, our little favorites).

Our detergent is allergen-free. You can use it with no stress 🙂 However, we advise you not to add essential oils or to make sure you get the right information beforehand.

Our detergent is effective from 30°C. You can use it for all your laundry: lightly soiled, heavily soiled, smelly, stained, sheets, children’s clothes, fragile clothes… And if you need a helping hand for certain stains, it’s here

There are plenty of tips for dosing without necessarily having to buy our bottle or our dosing cup.

To replace our bottle? Take an old glass bottle of juice or milk, an old bottle of washing liquid can or any type of 1 L container that closes. If you use a plastic container, adjust the temperature of the water you are using: if it is too hot, the plastic may deform.
For the measuring cup, remember that 1 full dosing cup = 80 mL = 1 coffee cup = 7 tablespoons.

Today we are very proud to work hand in hand with the Savonnerie du Midi to limit waste. We recover the powder that is created during the manufacture of their La Corvette Marseille soap. That way, no waste.
Today, this powder is composed of 80% of the powder recovered during the manufacture of Olive Marseille soap (without palm oil) + 20% of the powder recovered during the manufacture of extra pure Marseille soap (which contains palm oil). For the moment, we are not able to distinguish between the 2. But we are working on the subject with the Savonnerie. We have 2 concrete leads in mind to be able to offer you a washing powder without palm oil. To be continued 😉

If we take out our scientific calculators, the count is quickly seen 😉 Laundry as we usually know it is mostly water. And water, we all have it, for the great majority in Europe, at the tap. By removing the water, we offer you a much lighter detergent than a conventional bottle of washing liquid, which consumes less energy during transport. We also limit the size of our packaging, and that’s really good for the planet.

Besides, it’s nice to get a little hands-on too, isn’t it? In two minutes tops, your detergent is ready. It’s fun, easy and ecological. Long live you 😉

Don’t panic if your final laundry becomes compact and is no longer 100% liquid. This can happen with Marseille soap, depending on the heat of the room, the temperature of the water you have used for mixing, dosage, etc.
In this case, simply shake it vigorously before each use. And that’s it 😉 

It can happen, it’s a perfectly natural process. As we do not add any preservatives to our detergent, it can happen that its texture changes a little bit. They say that the detergent is “out of phase” or “two-phase”. You can see a clear difference between a very liquid and transparent part and the more solid substance. This, in any case, does not mean that your detergent is no longer effective or that there is a problem. Just shake it vigorously before each use. Tadaaam!

Yes 🙂 It will thus find a very homogeneous texture. 

The washing powder is powerful, in no way dangerous. However, we recommend that you do not smell it too closely to avoid the urge to sneeze or cough.

Also avoid direct contact with the skin, it is not meant to be used for exfoliation ;)If you are clumsy when dosing, do not hesitate to take gloves, or even glasses if you are REALLY clumsy 😉
Caution: in case of contact with the eyes, rinse abundantly with clear water and consult a doctor if any irritation persists.
And don’t let your little wolves do the detergent alone. Keep out of reach of children.

Don’t worry, everything’s fine. Our washing powder is a simple product, with only 3 ingredients and therefore VERY VERY efficient. It is a powerful product. When you open the pack and/or when you put the washing powder and water together, some of the powder may fly away to tickle your nostrils or throat. It is therefore normal if you cough a little or feel like sneezing 😉 It is not dangerous in these conditions nor a sign of allergy, no stress.