How to find an eco-friendly lunch box?

The “lunch break” is a popular break in our busy work days. Yet, these snacks on the run represent a large budget and a large amount of waste. To bring more pleasure to your table, here are our tips for preparing an eco-friendly lunch box that will delight your taste buds while preserving the planet. That’s enough to kill two birds with one stone!

Why preparing an eco-friendly lunch box?

lunch work

Meals at work are often synonymous with unbalanced meals on the go that generate a lot of waste – think of all those sandwiches and mixed salad packages.

We do not control what we eat and we use disposable packages and containers in large quantities.

Preparing your lunch box makes it possible to be more ecological and to eat healthy and homemade.

Cooking homemade for your environmentally friendly lunch box

Preparing your lunch box doesn’t have to be complicated: just plan to cook your own dishes from the week in larger quantities. When you dine at the restaurant, you can also ask to take away the leftovers of your meal directly into your bento box.

Feel free to freeze the leftovers of your dinners to get some lunches ready in advance, they will keep longer. If you have a kitchen at work, why not set up a group cooking workshop on the lunch break? It’s an excellent one. A way to share recipes and tips for preparing an eco-friendly lunch box!

An ecological lunch box without plastic

On the container side, the principle of an ecological lunch box is to use reusable packaging. A pretty lunchbox in glass or stainless steel will be the ideal transport for your small cooked dishes. You can choose your own compartments on some sites selling Bento and other ecological lunch boxes. It thus makes it possible to transport different foodstuffs in the same box without risk. A reusable storage box is also perfectly adapted. The important thing is that your lunch box matches your needs!

eco friendly lunchbox

There is also an isothermal environmentally friendly lunch box that keeps your meals warm. So you don’t have to iron them in the microwave. For your sandwiches, you can buy a reusable cloth sandwich bag, or wrap them directly in a beeswax wrap like our Bee Wrap – convenient for storage and transport.

A nice storage box, a healthy and homemade meal, a saving of time and money… By preparing your eco-friendly lunch box, the only risk you take is to make your colleagues jealous at lunchtime!


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