OUr commitments

AnotherWay is more than just a company.

It is a committed adventure, that everyone can join and where everyone can make a difference.

To do things right and never get lost along the way, we decided to make a deal with you.

From the design to the distribution of our products, we, Anotherway, are committed to:

💚 Design ecological and practical alternatives to everyday objects, especially single-use ones. Long live zero waste!

♻️ Design sustainable products and/or with an end-of-life recycling solution. Our ambition? Get as close as possible to a circular economy.

📣 Exchange and dialogue with you to improve our products. We need you to share your opinion, your desires, your crazy dreams to decrease our carbon footprint (other than with Samuel’s bike).

🇫🇷 Produce locally, if possible in France or Europe with a supply of our raw materials as close as possible.

🌱 Carefully select our partners, in line with our commitments. For example, we work with the ESAT in Marseille which is “LUCIE 26000 certified” (i.e. aligned with the international standard for social responsibility, ISO 26000, which allows everyone to simply integrate sustainable development), and our printer uses renewable energy.

👨👩 Create jobs locally. We already created 8 positions in Marseille, France.


1 pour cent pour la planete

We want to commit ourselves beyond our products!  Since the beginning, we have wanted to get involved with the people who are on the ground every day, in contact with our raw materials and our beloved Nature.

We are proud to donate 1% of our profits via the “1% for the Planet” and to participate in concrete actions for the environment. Click know more about this engagement