Zero waste shopping

The best waste is the one that does not exist. This is why more and more people are switching to zero waste shopping. Indeed, recycling is essential, but the main challenge is to reduce the number of waste we generate at first (estimated at 513kg per year per person in France).

You only have to adopt new sustainable habits and equip yourself with zero waste containers to shop without any packaging in a simple and practical way.

How to shop zero waste?

bulk zero waste

To do so, you only need some easy-to-find items. Have reusable containers of different sizes for cheese, meat and other fresh foods. Bulk foods such as rice and cereals can be placed in bulk bags and jars. Back home, all you have to do is store your jars in your kitchen, a real time saver! Egg boxes and bread bags can also be replaced by a zero waste or reusable container while you will be using a tote bag to do your shopping.

Have fun creating your own zero waste shopping kit, which you can leave in your shopping bag or in the trunk of your car.

Where to shop zero waste?

zero waste

Take a look at the purchases that generate packaging: bread and pastries bags, cheese plastic films, paper bags for vegetables or egg boxes… The next step is to find out where you will be able to do your zero waste shopping. Bulk is an excellent way to shop and reduce the amount of packaging. Many shops, especially organic ones, but also some supermarkets such as Carrefour, allow you to bring your own zero waste container.

Wrap up your fresh fruits, your favorite vegetables, your cheese or sandwiches… with a bee wrap, for zero waste shopping 😉


If your local merchants is not use to zero waste shopping, don’t hesitate to tell them that the law does not prohibit the use of a zero waste container. Reassure him and show him how it works !

Zero waste shopping doesn’t require much effort: it’s all about changing your habits at first and being well equipped. You can choose pretty glass boxes, have bulk bags made in the fabrics of your choice or whatever you like !


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