Zero waste and healthy snacks for your children

Snacks are an important part of your children’s day. But it also generates a huge amount of waste. Furthermore, industrial products are not made with healthy elements, that are not recommended for the health of our children. Here are some tips for switching to 0% waste and 100% healthy pleasure snacks!

beewrap snack

1. Cook homemade compotes for a healthy snack

In recent years, takeaway compotes have been on the rise, and that’s only natural: made from fruit and in transportable packaging, they provide a practical and healthy snack.
However, at the rate of one compote per day, waste accumulates quickly. To remedy this, you can choose to cook your homemade compotes. Apples, pears, apricots… Vary the pleasures according to the seasons. It is also possible to buy large quantities of compotes in a recyclable glass jar. All you have to do is buy some special reusable compote bottles and spread them all over. This is a practical, healthy and zero-waste snack!

2. Choose cut or dried fruit for a snack without packaging

Taking a fruit with you is a good idea for a healthy and zero waste snack. But children often have trouble eating the whole apple or peeling a clementine!

It is possible to cut the fruit into pieces in advance to make it easier for them. Place the quarters in a pouch made with a bee wrap or in a reusable snack box. The bee wrap is also perfect for carrying dried fruit!

3. Prepare homemade cakes for a zero waste snack

Industrialists seduce our children with ever more original cakes and more colourful packaging. However, neither the compositions nor the packaging of these cakes are respectful of their health and the environment.

Choose to cook your children’s snacks yourself in advance: there are many homemade cake recipes that replicate those of the store, such as trays and marbles. You can bake the cakes with your family on Sundays for the whole week – and in just a few minutes.

Stored in a sealed box or in a Bee Wrap, they will keep for several days. Your children will be able to enjoy homemade cakes that are much better in taste and composition.

bee wrap kid

4. Use reusable packaging to taste it

For a truly zero waste snack, pack your homemade snacks in reusable packaging. Water and compot water bottles, a taste box and bee wrap are the essential allies of a zero waste snack.

To replace aluminium and plastic film, bee wrap is the ideal packaging for children’s snacks. You can shape it into a reusable pouch or simply use it as a classic food packaging around a piece of cake or a piece of fruit.

Preparing a zero waste snack is a simpler gesture than you think and the benefit is multiple: less waste, more flavours and pleasure! Homemade milk, cereal bars, biscuits: there are many choices and can be adapted to all desires. It’s up to you to find your children’s!


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