How to use our Bee Wraps?

You have just discovered what a bee wrap is because a relative has offered you some. Wondering what to do with these strange pieces of sticky fabric? Don’t panic, here are our tips to guide you through the different uses of this reusable food film.

Use our Bee Wrap as a plastic wrap!

film alimentaire reutilisable

The first bee wrap usefulness is to replace plastic wrap. Your Bee Wrap will therefore fully fulfil its role by covering your ready-made meals or closing your bowls to keep your food in the fridge. Remember to let your dish cool down beforehand!

It is also very useful for packaging fruits and vegetables: you can place them in a container and cover them with a reusable film, or place the started fruits and vegetables directly in the bee wrap. The beeswax contained in the fabric optimizes the preservation of your food.

Please note: the bee wrap must not come into direct contact with raw meat or fish. We therefore recommend you to place this type of food in a bowl or container that is deep enough to cover. And that’s it!

Transport your Beeswax wrap everywhere!

eco friendly lunchbox

The bee wrap advantage is its strength. Unlike a plastic film, it has a certain hold that gives it a great advantage: it is easy to transport! This will allow it to be used as a pouch for your snacks (almonds, chocolate squares…), to wrap up your children’s snacks (cakes, pastries, cut fruits…) or to do your shopping at the cheese shop.


Some supermarkets now allow consumers to use their own containers for weighing food. Why not ask the question and bring back your reusable food films to take away your slice of pùté or tomme?


Another clever bee wrap use : the lunchbox! Whether you have a sandwich or a salad, your bee wrap will be perfect to wrap or cover your lunch (and make your colleagues talk about your brand new bee wrap at lunch). On this occasion, remember to complete your equipment with bamboo cutlery and a canteen rather than a bottle and plastic cutlery

Keep your Bee Wrap always clean!

The life of a bee wrap is maximized if it is properly maintained. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Never put your film under hot water, in the oven or in the microwave: the wax could melt and the bee wrap would lose all its usefulness;
  • Wash it with a bit of cold water and soap, then let it dry completely before folding and storing it;
  • Your Bee Wrap is operational for about a year, or 120 uses. You can extend its life by ironing it in the oven with a little wax;
  • Use only the warmth of your hands to shape and adhere the bee wrap;
  • Stains caused by certain foods or sauces do not affect the effectiveness of your bee wrap.

You are now ready to fully enjoy your bee wraps! This list is not exhaustive, so don’t hesitate to follow us on Instagram for even more tips and advice or to share with us your suggestions on how to use Bee Wrap.

Let’s go! Try our Bee Wraps
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