How to bulk buy food?

Our Bee Wrap reduces kitchen waste by replacing plastic film with a reusable beeswax food packaging. Very often, our customers get caught up in the game of reducing waste. Another way to do so to buy your groceries in a bulk shop. You would like to get started but you don’t know about how to do it and where to start? We will guide you step by step in the process of buying bulk products.

bulk buy food

Why do you do your shopping in bulk?

Buying in bulk allows you to buy unpackaged products depending on the quantity you want. No more plastic bags, cardboard boxes and another superfluous packaging.

Choosing the right amount of product you need helps reducing waste and is generally more economical because you don’t pay for the packaging. In addition, as the bulk offer is in full development, you will find a wide range of different products to answer your different needs.

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Where to shop in bulk?

Bulk stores and many points of sale allow you to buy all types of bulk products:

Some supermarkets such as Carrefour are changing their habits with a range of bulk products that you can buy with your own containers.

In organic stores, such as Biocoop, almost all the products can be bought in bulk: fruit, vegetables, eggs, cereals, dried fruit, meat, fish, sausages, bread, cheese…

Markets are the ideal place to shop for fresh bulk products from local producers.

Bulk stores are flourishing all over Europe, you can find us on the web.

Websites even allow you to do your bulk shopping from a distance. You can easily find the bulk stores around your home.

How to shop buy bulk?

First, choose the right location according to your habits and take the time to do your research and tests. To do your shopping in bulk, remember to bring your own equipment:

– of your weekly menus with the appropriate quantities,

– a shopping bag or reusable bag,

– a box for eggs,

– boxes closed by a lid or a bee wrap for meat and fish,

– some bee wraps for bread, cheese, cereals, but also soaps, solid shampoos,…

For fruits, vegetables and dried products (pasta, rice, nuts, etc.), you can even have fabric bulk bags made to match your bee wraps so you can use fewer paper bags.


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