How batch cooking can change your food habits?

Do you come back home at night, tired and without any motivation to cook more than a pasta dish or a frozen pizza? Lack of time and inspiration, empty fridge… Cooking can be a chore. Fortunately, techniques like Batch Cooking can make your schedule, your wallet and the planet lighter! And our reusable Bee Wrap food packaging can also help you…

What is Batch Cooking?

for a week at once. In English, Batch means “lots”. It is therefore not a question of preparing large quantities of the same dish but rather cooking different meals in a few hours.

This technique has been redeveloped for some time now, thanks in particular to the Batch Cooking book: I cook for the whole week in 2 hours – Anne Loiseau – and because it meets the constraints of our busy modern lives.

The advantages of batch cooking

There are several advantages of the Batch kitchen :

  • Each evening, all you have to do is remove the reusable food packaging and reheat your already prepared dishes. It is a real time saver for your evenings with your family or when you return from sports;
  • By making your menus in advance, you can vary the pleasures while eating more balanced and seasonal food;
  • Creating your menus becomes a fun activity for the whole family !
  • You also stop spending too much by avoiding last-minute shopping at the closest supermarket with unnecessary purchases;
  • Finally, you significantly reduce waste since your menus are designed for it ! The quantities are adapted and the same products are used to avoid throwing anything away.

The Bee wrap, the Batch's ally in zero waste cooking

s we have seen, the Batch kitchen frees up your wallet and reduces waste. To help you reduce your waste, the ideal is to use our Bee wrap! This will avoid the use of a cling film or plastic storage boxes, which release particles when they are microwaved.

Please note: our reusable food packaging can be used in the fridge or freezer where it will perfectly protect your dishes while waiting for them to be eaten (but not in the microwave). Their different sizes make it possible to adapt them to your dishes, plates and salad bowls.

bee wrap batch cooking

If Batch Cooking has been back in fashion in recent years, it is thanks to its many advantages appreciated by singles and families alike. Spending a few hours during your Sunday afternoon cooking will allow you to better enjoy your week while having a positive impact on your expenses and the size of your garbage can!

All you have to do now is find the menus you like, but this is a matter of taste. So, be ready to prepare your menus and don’t forget your Bee Wrap 😊

how to use beeswax wraps

Want to try batch cooking? Don’t forget our Bee wraps 🙂


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