made in france 🇫🇷

Our beeswax wrap was born in November 2018. It took us multiple rigorous tests to refine it and we are exited in our final product. And you know what else? It’s not over yet 🙂 We continue to improve our product over time. The Bee Wrap by Anotherway is made in Marseille, France. We attach a great importance to the choice of our raw materials. We want to find them as close as possible from us, to reduce our carbon footprint, and to create jobs locally in South of France.

OUr raw ingredients

organic cotton
organic cotton GOTS

The Bee Wrap is made from cotton. There are no longer any cotton fields in France. So we went to Turkey to find our yarn, which is the 7th largest producer in the world.
Our cotton is organic and GOTS certified. Concretely? This label guarantees at least 95% organic fibers and compliance with the International Labor Standards at each stage of production.
Our yarn is then brought to Spain to be woven and printed, close to Marseille.
It is Oeko Tex 100 certified, which guarantees the absence of toxic products for humans and the environment.

beeswax france

Our beeswax comes exclusively from French beekeeping.

Our 100% organic beeswax comes from Zambia, certified Ecocert. Why? There is not much organic beeswax produced in France. We are trying to find a better solution in the future.

beeswax france
organic sunflower oil france
beeswax wrap ingredient

Our deodorized sunflower oil is certified “AB”, French certification for organic foods and comes from France.
Our pine resin comes from the Landes in France. It is Ecocert certified and promotes forest development.

All the ingredients of our beeswax wrap have been validated to be in contact with food (fruit, vegetable, cheese, bread, cake, cookie,…). It is not recommended to be put in direct contact with fish or raw meat.
Instead, place your raw meat or fish in a glass bowl or Tupperware and cover it with a Bee Wrap.



Transported by truck, the cotton is woven and printed in Spain. It is then transported by truck to France, less than 1,000 km away.


The beeswax wrap is coated in Marseille, France, in an ESAT, employing people with disabilities, and supporting 12 jobs.


Our Bee Wraps are delicately cut, meticulously checked, packaged and shipped quickly to you or your favourite retailers in France and Europe.